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Love Chaplet Testimonials

"Oh my goodness, I just have to tell you!! So I just prayed the Love Chaplet… It’s so weird because I already tell God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit that I love Them, but for some unknown reason I felt like the chaplet better articulated what I feel. It felt like I was able to fully express myself in words, even though I’ve already been expressing myself in words…It almost seemed like I finally knew what to say to describe what I feel, and what I was praying through the chaplet was so completely true that I started and couldn’t stop crying. That really doesn’t describe it well, but I’m not sure I can describe it any better…It really felt like this is what I was supposed to tell Jesus."   -Erin

"It is absolutely beautiful, and my heart is so full right now! I'm so blessed that you shared this with me! I've been trying to find a way to share my love to God, but somehow just telling Him 'I love you' at the end of a prayer or whispered throughout the day doesn't feel like enough. This is the prayer my heart has been searching for!"  -Michelle

"The Love Chaplet warms my heart and feeds my soul because I can love Jesus back! I can empty all of my love out onto Him! All of the total borrowed love He puts in me. I receive His love and pour it back to Him!"  -Lily

"The Love Chaplet has helped me to meditate on the gift of God's love, but also my response. The Chaplet has emboldened me to tell Jesus I love Him."  -Dain

"I'm so excited. I was probably in the worst rough patch ever last night, and I decided to pray the Love Chaplet, and I felt like it was the first time that I truly prayed it with my heart. It really helped me."  -Olivia

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