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Praying the Chaplet

       Most people ask, "So how do you pray the Love Chaplet?" So here is a simple explanation.

     First, the bead colors of the chaplet have symbolic meaning. The purple beads symbolize the royalty of God.  He is our King and Lord. The blue beads symbolize the waters of baptism that cleanse us, and make us a member of God's family. And the red beads symbolize the Blood of Christ, through which we are saved and redeemed.

       To pray the Love Chaplet, you begin by holding the heart in your hand (a symbol of God's sacrificial love for us, and our sacrificial love for Him), and then pray...


(1st purple bead)

I love you, O my God, I love you!

(2nd purple bead)

I love you, O my Jesus, I love you!

(3rd purple bead)

I love you, Holy Spirit, I love you!

(pray this on each blue bead)

My love for you flows like a river,
I praise you my Holy Savior.

(pray this on red beads)

I love you, my heart cries out.
I will glorify your name.

(pray the following on each of the 3 purple beads to finish)

I reach out, I touch your face.
I worship you in this beautiful place.
O most Holy One, you saved my soul.
Let me love you. You make me whole.


If you would like to pray the Love Chaplet to the song that was given to me, you can play it below.

Love Chaplet (Prayer)Penni Warner
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